Jayaraj foundation

The Jayaraj Foundation, an earnest effort towards conserving nature and strengthening people’s welfare was founded in 2010 and officially launched on 6th June 2014. World Organisation of Hope’s (WOH) ambitious programme 'SMART'[Sports, Music, Art and Recreation Therapy (Yoga and Meditation)]and "Birds Club international" are the two projects initiated by the foundation.

Word Organisation of Hope (WOH) is an organisation aimed at building children’s awareness of their rights and to protect them. The programme SMART [Sports, Music, Art and Recreation Therapy (Yoga and Meditation)] is an offshoot of WOH. It supports children and adolescents in their own struggle to secure and defend their dreams.

Children come with different experiences from different backgrounds and are often, not fully aware of the world around them. To open their doors to a world of opportunities and hope WOH has devised the programme SMART. Through this programme children as well as adolescents will be able to try their hand at sports, music, dance, art, theatre, yoga, meditation and so on. Apart from these, activities such as counselling sessions, interacting with the elderly through care homes and so on are also part of SMART. This initiative is expected to help them overcome the traumas they may have faced of social, economic and/ or emotional exclusion or of other unpleasant experiences.