The Jayaraj foundation is founded on 6th June 2014 by Jayaraj Rajasekharan Nair, an Indian filmmaker and a nature lover, with the objective of furthering the welfare of all individuals through art, sports, compassion and nature conservation. Contributing to this dream of his are two different programmes. His pet initiative the World Organisation of Hope (WOH) promotes the programme SMART (Sports Music Art & Recreation Therapy) and his environmental initiative, Birds Club International.


Sports Music Art & Recreation Therapy (Yoga and Meditation)

SMART, too, founded on 6th June 2014, is being introduced in a number of schools, juvenile homes, children’s homes as well as among the tribal children across India. SMART a programme under World Organisation of Hope (WOH) is devised by Jayaraj to build the physical, mental and spiritual health of children through a number of mediums such as sports, music, art, painting, yoga, meditation and so on. Engaging in activities such as these gives these children a healthier, brighter and confident future and a much more productive life.


Who would n’t like to relax in the lap of nature amid the chirps of birds and buzzy breeze stroking trees and plants? However, the reality and the curse of urban living is that we have to travel miles to enjoy nature and all things natural. But is this a price we must pay? Isn’t there a way out? Birds Club International has taken up this as a challenge and is determined to make earth a better place to live in. Birds Club Intl which came into being in 2010 was piloted in a few schools and colleges in Kerala. Followed by positive responses from all quarters, our founder decided to go global with the project. Birds Club international is all set to spread its wings in other countries. Birds Club Intl aims at evolving rain groves in the rather dull concrete jungles of our world. These groves will build sustainable ecosystems which would also help in soil and water conservation. These would become homes to a number of birds’ species, insects, animals and plants that help preserve nature.